Rosheena Beek-Moja Co. Productions - Producer/Director/Videographer/Editor


Rosheena on set of her latest film, "Before We Were Man", along with Ashanti Caesar, her leading actress. - Photographer-Michelle Laylor

Nothing is by chance.  Especially when Jill Bascome, in 2002, suggested to Rosheena to take a camera with her when she was going to interview (what she had been told a distant cousin of hers) Tall Oak, a Narraganset Pequot, at Bermuda's first-ever Pow Wow.  What transpired after that was pure magic!  Not only did Rosheena capture a historic event (along with her cousin Essie Hollis), she made history, when her first shoot was edited, produced and aired, to a encore presentation in 2004, on ZBM television Bermuda.  Rosheena hasn't turned back since. 

Within her fifteen year career in the field of production, Rosheena has filmed everybody from the Queen of England to Beyonce and her work has taken her as far around the world as Adelaide, Australia.  Rosheena is a force to be reckoned with and continues to inspire and enhance Bermuda's tapestry, with her cultural conscious works.

Rosheena Beek - Author

With Rosheena’s first book, “I Find It So Hard” becoming the “Best Seller - Spring 2011” and the same book being chosen by Janiece Montoya, a Mental Health Councilor, of Denver Colorado to write a bibliotherapy lesson plan, at the University of Louisiana, based upon this book, Rosheena has continued to grow as a new author.  Since that time and back by popular demand, the second edition of, “I Find It So Hard!” - “Mommy Says!” has been produced. 

This book is shaping up to be just as popular and a much-needed staple in the lives of all mothers, who are concerned about their communication between them and their children.  It has become a staple in all of Bermuda's Public Elementary schools; it is being translated into six different languages - Portuguese, Spanish, French, Kswahili, Akan and Yoruba and 'Mommy Says!' has also been mentioned in the Heart & Soul Magazine as "Recommended Reading" by AALBC (African American Literature Book Club).

A widowed mother of three powerful, grown children, Rosheena has had the successful hands-on experience of being a mother and who’s only goal is to be an example through her lifestyle and works, to help to give back to her community and the world.

Black Woman's Film Festival Bermuda - Rosheena Beek - Founder


Black Woman's Film Festival Bermuda is an opportunity for Black Women from Africa to the Diaspora, who are in film, to be celebrated and awarded. It especially highlights Black women behind the camera: Directors; Producers; Screenwriters and Camerawomen.

The film festival is open to local and international Black women filmmakers.

Awards maybe as  follows:


1.        The Peoples Choice Award $500.00

2.        The Black Woman's Film Festival Award for Best Film:

               a) An all expense paid trip to the Montreal Black Film Festival 

               b) Your film being entered into the Montreal Black Film Festival (does not guarantee acceptance though)

               c) $1,000 towards your next film